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Fabiano Cerchiari has been a professional photographer since 1996. Having studied Fine Applied Art in Photography at Sir John Cass Faculty of Arts - London Guildhall University between 1991 and 1993, Fabiano has a successful and diverse experience in photography. He has been working as a Camera Operator and Director of Photography (DP) for the last ten years, with experiences ranging from corporate films, documentaries and web advertising. In addition, Fabiano has extensive experience with business portraits for some of Brazil's largest newspapers as well as in fashion and still (advertising). Notwithstanding his daily, institutional work, Fabiano has managed to continuously develop his personal work in fine art and documentary photography. Among his favorite themes are Lightworks, a free and innovative view on the effects of light as well as Urban Landscapes, a revolutionary "Munch-like" approach to portraying cities and their buildings. Fabiano also had a Lightworks picture acquired by the permanent collection of the Kyosato Museum of Photography, Japan. Currently living in Porto, Portugal. Fabiano also has lived in São Paulo, London, Porto (Portugal), and Milan.







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